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I tried to share as much info with Samantha Cameron as I could about the struggles of parents of children with autism and adults on the spectrum too including bullying , lack of provision in education and care for children and adults , Panorama Documenatry, etc etc She asked alot of questions and listened to what I had to say spent quite a bit of the time with children at the school too.

Kevin asked this on Facebook,

Listen, that’s all they do labour didn’t do anything really, well Sarah brown put on the first autism meeting which I attended, but they say they will help but nothing! Cameron said he would protect the venerable before he came into power, did you ask why all the cuts? And why they are attacking the most vulnerable I would have, it’s going to get worse the torys need to be out of power, they are making people with autism more critical, I know this from hand local auth’s slashing people’s direct payments, and why services are been pulled away for the most at risk, I certainly would have gone to town, if I had the opportunity of meeting his wife I would want answers,

If it was me I would want answers, and why all these cuts? And what is samantha Cameron going to do about all these cuts affecting people with autism