Over the last few days, the Mirror and the Metro picked my Petition up and published it, Katie Hopkins refuses to say sorry, over 6,300 have asked in the last few days since the petition was set up by myself, clearly Mocking Autism!

The Mirror story hear

2nd mirror article
The Metro story

Over 6,300 have signed the petition now and reading all the comments that parents, people on the spectrum have made, people are completely outraged.

Katie stated to someone on twitter she never apologises for anything…..Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 00.04.51


However you can see for yourselves, she does say sorry sometimes!….

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins says sorry to Alicia Douvall over ‘weirdo mums’ jibe

See the story hear

and again she says sorry!

Katie Hopkins says sorry for offensive Scots tweet as effigy is burned


So katie does say sorry but Refuses to say sorry to thousands with autism

what you can do……..



#katiehopkinssaysorry2autism USE This when you tweet out….

she also refused to speak to me on the BBC you can listen to the interview hear

BBC Kevin Healey speaks about Katie Hopkins

and i also recorded a video message to her

YOUTUBE Kevin Healey