well my ribs are still healing from the fall a few weeks ago, but my foot is allot better, sometimes im sure i have dyspraxia, as well as dyslexia, my typo’s seem to get worse, so if your reading this and see lots of mistakes, well hey -that’s how it is, i guess people like myself with autism have a brain which process information in a totally different way than nero typical, (well thats a condition in itself neurotypical) my place is in a mess at the moment as my family have been decorating for me, its very stressful, when there is things all over the place, ie kitchen, bathroom, all in my bedroom which does not help my OCD, its a nightmare!

I goto london in monday to see the sepaker, not sure what the event is about i guess its something to do with the Autism Act which will be in force this year so i will update everyone next week.