£9,900 LOTTERY BOOST FOR STAFFORDSHIRE ADULTS AUTISTIC SOCIETY 20/02/2010 Hundreds of Adults across Staffordshire set to benefit from a lottery windfall. The life skills project which has been funded by the lottery fund, will enable Adults on the spectrum to gain independent living skills, confidence building, self esteem, help with employment opportunities, Kevin Healey said “ we are delighted to receive the grant from the big lottery fund, the project will have a significant impact on the lives of hundreds of adults in the area, the project will be facilitated by a qualified Autism trainer the project will cover a whole range of workshops so the Adults can lead more independent lives and they will able to gain the skills for employment opportunities and life skills, the project has also paid for a updated website for the charity, a seasonal trainer to deliver the workshops, and two laptops for the charity. 90 percent of the ASD population in our area are currently out of work and research shows by the National Autistic Society. the project will also pay for volunteer expenses Enrolments are now taking place for Adults on the spectrum to enrol on our workshops contact SAAS HQ on 017820617088 or email infosaas@ntlworld.com