Hi, I saw the  advertisement for  a film director to help make a film on autism on  the filmmakers message board  and I was very interested in reading about Kevin Healey and his brother.

I am not a filmmaker I am sorry but I am studyng film at Deakin University in Australia and I was so interested as what inspired to study film making was films potential to be used in this valuable manner of giving people insight into different peoples world view.

I am currently studying a subject called screen practitioners in which we are required to interview filmmakers. I guess the film has not been made yet but the book is like the script and  I wondered if it might be possible  to interview Kevin Healey for my assignment.

I previously finished an undergraduate degree in psychology and still have very much  this as my angle and focus in  studying film.

What most drew me to Kevin Healey’s story  is  that I  personally am struggling with certain things similar to asperges. Social Anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder and sensory integration disorder are  three category’s I could class how I feel and function across.

I struggle to meet peoples eyes and am driven mad by my minds everconstant chatter to balance or number everything I do. Often I feel my life is just repeated ritual in a trance. I can’t stand the feeling of certain clothes and materials and feel always on the outside unable to engage.

What led me to study film was a desire to have a medium through which to communicate my world view but the strongly collaborative aspect of it has made it like everything I have been passionate to do in life a real struggle and nightmare.

So I thought I would just ask if it would be possible to interview  Kevin Healey for my assignment as I was so encouraged and inspired by all he has achieved feeling I have a sense of what he has to  overcome and I was so inspired by his working so hard to give his brother  a voice  in creating a  medium through which  his world view  can be communicated.

Sincerely Sarah Drummond, Melbourne, Australia