Having attending 10 Downing street, and parliment recently I reflect upon how the goverment and larger national charitys get core funding and goverment funding, where charitys like SAAS who help and support hundreds of adults in the area get no core funding from central goverment or from the statutory sector like social services or the primary care trust SAAS board members make the lives of autistic adults barable in this neuro typical world, wihout SAAS people on the spectrum would feel very isolated and ignored from society in genaral, also they would be at high levels of risk of mental health etc, with the support network of stafforsdhire adults autistic society members can gain life skills to enable them to live independent lives, social skills, confidence building to imrpove there self esteem, without SAAS the area of staffordshire would be in a chronic situation for people with autism there is no direct support from the local statutory sector or either from larger national autism charitys.

SAAS is one of the largest *Autism charitys now in the UK for adults on the spectrum some of the service ussers are on the trustee board which is about 80 percent, and 20 percent made up of neuro typicals SAAS support adults in many ways including social activities and outings which many people take for granted wether this is a trip out to the theatre or going just for something to eat,
SAAS long term goal it to have a *Autism cafe where people on the spectrum can work there, gain social skills and independence and to be apart of todays society, to make new friends and to furthur there carer opportunitys.

Maybe one day larger organsitions will work very closely with smaller charitys who work at grassroots level.