Amscreen, the UK’s largest digital media owner, is supporting a national anti-bullying for autism campaign, by screening the adverts on their digital outdoor network for free, reaching 20 million people per week for a two week period.

autism digital advertising campaign

Amscreen is a flexible network of5,000 screens located in a range of forecourts, local convenience outlets including WHSmith and doctors’ surgeries across the country.

Dr, Pam Spurr, Alex Reid, Holly Matthews, Deborah Douglas, Christopher Maloney, Dawn Lowe and Dave Gentry, who all thoroughly support the campaign and who have links to autism are lending their faces to the billboard.

The campaign is calling for laws to be changed to protect those with autism who are victims of cyber bullying, trolling, stalking and verbal abuse.

Kevin Healey, the campaign leader, who is also shown on the billboard, and who suffers from autism has been targeted by online ‘trolls’ since childhood, has set up the campaign to call for better support and services for those with autism, and other vulnerabilities.

Kevin says; “I am extremely grateful for Simon’s offer to help and his generosity and ongoing support is very much appreciated. The support I have received is overwhelming and I would like to thank all of the celebrities involved. It really does emphasise how important the campaign is.”

Amscreen CEO Simon Sugar said, “This campaign is for a great cause which we are proud to support. By screening the anti bullying messaging across our healthcare and forecourtnetworks across the UK for two weeks, we’re providing £150,000 of advertising, which we hope will significantly raise awareness of the campaign.”

Designed by Lance Burkitt and Dylan Moore, the billboard is set to gain national interest, and it is already receiving coverage across Twitter, even though the official image is yet to be released.

After Simon’s generous donation, Kevin is now seeking out a sponsor in order to pay for the billboard poster to be printed and advertising space. Kevin is looking for any digital advertising agencies to offer this sponsorship in return for promotional coverage and use of logo on the billboard.

If you would like to lend your support to Kevin and his campaign then please visit and sign his petition at

For more information regarding Kevin or the campaign, please visit