Autism Action UK (AAUK) have called for an emergency Urgent meeting, with Home secretary Theresa May and David Cameron,

AAUK Campaigners fear for Gary McKinnon’s mental Health status,

Founder Kevin Healey said, this needs to be halted ASAP, its gone on far too long now, and campaigners want to meet to discuss with the PM and Theresa May that Gary has already been seen and assessed by the top experts in the world of the Autism field,

Earlier today Kevin Healey spoke to Janis Sharp and she said     “This Sunday it will be Autism Sunday, Tomorrow is Gary’s Birthday. Next month it will be nine years since Gary was arrested and ten since his alleged crime. Gary has suffered nine years of torment. He has effectively served a longer sentence than most murderers and rapists. The Government should keep its pre-election promises and refuse to extradite my son Gary McKinnon and end his nine year torture”

Kevin said “Gary has already served his sentence already he is under huge amount of anxiety and the Government don’t really take in to account his Autism the amount of stress he is under is appalling to say the least” a person without Autism (neurotypical) would be stressed and under high levels of anxiety but for someone with Asperger it’s magnified x100 times