His book “twin brothers worlds apart” was published 15 months ago and has been a huge success in the autism community,

Kevin said “as a person with autism, i feel that autism has never been portrayed correctly all autism films show adults on the high functioning end of the spectrum, and adults with genius savant abilities like Dustin Hoffman in the film the Rainman” my twin cant communicate he is locked in a world of his own, he can’t even tell you if he feels ill, or if he is in pain, on one occasion we nearly lost my twin with double ammonia  because the health bodies thought and assumed he was OK, there as been other instances where people have not accepted my twin because of his condition, maybe because they don’t understand him, even though i love my twin so dearly i have never been able to communicate with him because he does not understand and for a twin that is incredibly hard, most twins grow up playing together and enjoy the social aspects of life such as going out etc we have not been able to do this,

I didn’t get diagnosed until in my late 20’s and if it was not for professor baron choen and his team at Cambridge i wouldn’t be writing this article today, at 26 i was contemplating suicide, because i was not understood or excepted in today’s society.

Peoples attitudes have moved forward slightly with in the autism field, but more educating and understanding of the condition needs to be addressed hopefully this can be achieved with the film, all the proceeds will go to Staffordshire adults autistic society SAAS www.saas.uk.com

For more information please contact the charity on 01782617088

Email infosaas@ntlworld.com