Kevin Healey brainchild of the New Autism radio station due to be launched this month The project the first of it’s kind in the UK has been supported and funded by Staffordshire cares community wellbeing fund and access to volunteering fund , awarded over £14,000.00The new radio station will be run by people on the Autistic spectrum, this will enable them to have a voice, build confidence, and self esteem, and break down social barriers, and help them to improve there communication skills, the 6 radio presenters so far with autism/aspergers , will be presenting their own radio shows, which will include live music, phone ins, interviews with parents, carers, professionals etc, Kevin Healey chairman of SAAS said “ this project is really going to benefit hundreds of people with Autism who feel so isolated in Staffordshire but people will be able to tune in globally, it will help break down the barriers, help with communication skills, confidence, self esteem, training, learning, new volunteer opportunities, and much more, they will be gaining new skills in radio and the media, which will hopefully lead into employment” The new station has gained popularity via the social networking site face book with over 1000 followers already before the station even goes live! Recently Kevin launched a national Autism Campaign to petition the new government to put Autism higher on the political agenda so far it’s obtained over 2500 signatures and support over 6000 via social networking sites facebook and twitter to join the campaign and sign the petition please goto