I’ve decided to come back to twitter today, I’ve been off a month, BBC and the independent wrote a story but sadly twitter are very reluctant to help me they probably will never help me! It’s comming up to word autism awareness week, and having sadly lost over 4000 followers because I quit the platform a month ago lots of people quit twitter  and come back like John bishop the comedian and Dr Sarah Payne just a few to mention who quit and come back.

Yes I feel my voice as been denied and silenced no more I’m a campaigner and a fighter I’m just appalled why twiiter won’t verify me, just this week twitter have come up with a new idea how to ban trolls by blocking there mobile numbers but this won’t work as trolls can just get hold of free sim cards and troll, impersonation and clone again so this won’t work, also the CEO Dick costolo stated, twitter ‘suck with dealing with abuse’, your certinally right Mr costolo, twitter have failed to help me at all.

However I have to applaud Facebook and Google for verification of my social media accounts – amazing platforms and care about there users safety.

Twitter certainly have a long way to go with safety and protection for there users, they certainly have not protected me as a person living with autism, let alone to verify other campaigners like me like Denise Furgus and Shy keen, (whom are just like me),  twitter have there own rules whom they verify they don’t even go by there eligibility criteria on there website they verify whom they like, its obvious my face doesn’t fit with there criteria, as mentioned in the independent newspaper yes I feel singled out and totally discrimated by them

I’ve missed twitter and sad to see so many have un-followed because they thought I would never come back. Well I’m back, and twitter need to ACT and start protecting people like me