It’s now been four months since I spoke out about cyberbullying, trolling I find myself campaigning for myself now and I’m dam sure I won’t give into these vile trolls who hide behind a computer screen daily causing destruction and even death to some people, I was horrified to read recently of the young girl who took her life at just 14 un-imaginable I just couldn’t imagine it been a close friend of mine or even a relative etc, the family of this tragic case, there whole life has been destroyed by venomous trolls who caused her to take her own life because she simply could not cope with the hatred words used against her.

I fear for so many autistic children who are or could be at the helm of these vile trolls and it has to stop now for four months I’ve continued too shout and I will continue too until I get answers and justice for people with autism

The campaign is going so well and have met many new friends through the campaign and even so more trolls but the good out ways the bad.,,

So far I’ve had support from 23 celbs, lord sugar and Simon sugar and have had amazing support from all my twitter and facebook supporters it’s you guys who give me the determination to succeed in my campaign, but there is still allot more to do we have 103 MPs signed edm172 and an MEP helping and also a cyber solicitor who have all come on board to help,

In the not to near future there will be a ten min rule bill going through thanks to the help and support of Ian mearns MP and il be meeting a justice minister in September later on in the year we will be also will be filming a anti autism bullying documentary which will feature celebrity’s, supporters and victims

I also want to meet David Cameron and nick clegg to discuss the seriousness of issues around cyber bullying and trolling and I will continue to fight for laws….

I’ve had major national coverage TV and radio and local radio as well but still more awareness is needed around this topic of bullying
autism campaign
The fight continues and I will continue to FIGHT