Extraditing the alleged British computer hacker Gary Mckinnon to America will breach Britain’s 300-year-old Bill of Rights, a top human rights barrister has said today in the telegraph, I’m so shocked to read this today!

“If tried in Britain, where the crime was partly committed, he would in all probability receive a non-custodial sentence, especially since his actions were motivated by an undiagnosed disorder over which he had no control.

Gary  will be a victim of the European Convention, or at least of Parliament’s ignorance in preferring the convention’s loose language to that of its own, more stalwart predecessor.”Mr McKinnon could find out as soon as next week whether the High Court will allow a judicial review of a decision by Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, to ignore fresh medical reports about the impact of extradition on Mr McKinnon’s health.His mother Janis Sharp told The Daily Telegraph: “I am appalled that our 300-year-old Bill of Rights is being ignored by our government and by the courts.

Janis told the telegraph “Old law is law that has to be honoured, new law is statutes that do not carry the same force or authority,under the Bill of Rights and Magna Carta which is still valid to this day, Gary should not be extradited under any circumstances.Gary faces 10 years per count maximum sentence and there are seven counts although sixty years is the maximum that can be given,If Gary served even half of the proposed sentence he would be in his mid seventies and I would be dead and never see Gary again.”

Gary is already a victim of this, he has not much time left the clock is ticking away! when will Alan Johnson intervene or will he? what about our PM what will he do Professor Baron Cohen who Diagnosed Gary simply said GARY would not cope and he would be at a very high risk of suicide, i ask the question again are all the Autism charity’s across the UK supporting Gary enough?

There are many of campaign’s running on facebook, twitter, and a text campaign, i hope to god all these work, but there is only one man who can stop this before it’s all too late for Gary.