Yesterday facebook verified both my page and profile, thanks facebook, it’s internet safety month and Facebook have protected me from the impersonation, why can’t twitter?


Both my MP and MEP and even local police have all wrote letters to twitter, to ask them verify me, today I spoke to the HTCU ( high tech crime unit ) in Devon the DC mentioned that that if twitter did verify me it wouldn’t stop the impersonation, which is quite true, however the fact is that if I was verified then atleast people would know who the real kevin is? But at the moment, my campaigns, local and national are been affected by this ongoing abuse and impersonation.

There are three other national campaigners I know in twitter whom all have verified account, they are not MPs, MEPS or celebrity’s, or footballers for that matter, neither have any of them had there accounts impersonated bit they have all been verified by twitter, so why won’t twitter verify me? And protect me and my twitter account from this ongoing impersonation

Hear is an example of twitter impersonation montage

impersonation & abuse montage of Kevin Healey