Kevin Healey & Janis Sharp (Gary Mckinnons mother ) outside Buckingham palace Janis just presented Her Majesty the Queen with flowers and a letter also cards to ask for compassion for her son

I Recently spent a day with his mother Janis sharp outside the Home office to
demo the extradition of Gary to the US, Gary has Asperger a form of Autism Gary
was only looking for evidence of Ufo’s when he hacked into there systems he did
a blank password search, and there systems were open no firewalls or security in
place and he left a note on there systems, and the US say that he caused
$500,000 worth of damage, but this has never been proven, Gary’s solicitor Karen
Todner has been working so hard for gary and his family, now the Good news
today, they have won the judicial review, a high court judge will now rule out
whether Johnson was wrong to allow extradition, but Gary is in a poor mental
health state at the moment because of the 7 long years of stress he has had to
put up with, the judicial review will now take place in may this still gives
Gary extra time and support from all his supporters, however i would still urge
people to TEXT GARY to 65000 this text appeal has been set up by his mother
but it will now be left to the judge to rule whether Alan Johnson the home
secretary was right to decide that sending him to the US for trial would breach
is human rights
Kevin Healey
staffordshire adults autistic society -SAAS
campaigner for Gary mckinnon