Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 21.35.20I’ve  spoken to paula on social media quite a few times about her son Thomas, like other people I’ve campaigned for  recently  Nina Ni and Catherine Dyer and many others, this story is just horrific…..


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Paula Rawnsley’s 20 year old son Thomas is in hospital on a life support machine. Thomas was taken there this morning after suffering a heart attack in the specialist unit in Sheffield where he had been held against his and his family’s wishes under an order from the Court of Protection. His family live in Bradford 45 miles and one hour’s drive away. Thomas’ Mum Paula (his main carer and advocate) doesn’t drive.

Thomas has survived pneumonia twice in the past and is very vulnerable to chest infections. He had a chest infection again recently and Paula had raised the alarm about this several times this week – fearing another bout of pneumonia. She had been asking for a chest X-ray because his coughing and wheezing was so bad. The concerns she raised appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

paula recently sent an update…on her Facebook today…

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