Twitter and various social media platforms have been in the media just lately, alongside ask fm, and two young teenagers who committed suicide, and most recently campaigner Caroline Perez deleted her twitter account because she was hounded by vile trolls, and also DR Sara Payne recently closed her twitter account because of the trolls and been bullied online, having Been on twitter for some years now I have come across some of the most vile trolls you could ever imagine, I’ve been stalked, abused online, impersonated, harassed, and even a death threat.

I won’t be silenced and I’m shouting back- currently I have over 103 mps backing my campaign too change the current hate crime laws in the uk, and also have a European EMP who is helping with my campaign across Europe, and also many supporters across social media platforms supporting my campaign alongside 23 celebrity’s who endorse and support my AUTISM CAMPAIGN

My campaign has been running for five months now and there is more things happening such as a ten minute rule bill in parliament for October, and meeting with the justice minister, and also a anti bullying documentary will be made highlighting stories from victims, parents, and celebrity’s who have supported my campaign.

Alongside lord sugars son, who supported me by displaying a billboard of my campaign too over 20 million people across the UK over 5000 screens via the Amscreen network.