What a stress full day! Having getting into the house of commons through security it was like been in a airport, which I can’t blame them considering the UK is on a high terror alert, I met inside the building steve mcguiniss a man with asperger who runs the cappas group, also polly Tommy, from the autism trust, and ivan corea from the uk autism foundation, the inside of the building was huge lots of different rooms with big fire places we then moved into the state room where reception drink were handed out and various nibbles, it was too much I could hear every one talking at the same pitch, which was annoying, then we heard speeches from john bercow the speaker (who’ son oliver is autistic), then we heard from mark lever of the NAS then was phil hope minister of care, who all speakers talked about the autism strategy and the autism bill which SAAS was on of the thirteen charity’s across the uk who were involved in the autism bill (pictures will be updated soon)