Autism campaigner to take thousands of signatures to 10 Downing street this Friday.
Campaigner Kevin heads to  Downing street this Friday to take thousands of signatures that he has collected over the last 6 months,
Kevin Healey has been campaigning for the last ten years, and in May this year he launched a national Autism Campaign “IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE STANDUP FOR AUTISM” to petition the government and the three political leaders, Kevin has had support from celebrities and Mp’s and backing from the National Autistic Society for his campaign,
Kevin Said, ” enough is enough now it’s about time the Government woke up to Autism, over 500,000 are affected in the UK and with the Recent Autism ACT only half a million pound  has been ploughed into Autism, it’s ridiculous, said the the 36 year old chairman of Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society (SAAS one of the largest Autism Adult charities currently in the UK.
i get hundreds of call’s each month with people at breaking point, they struggle to Access the right support, ie housing, benefits, respite care, employment etc.. I have known people to take there own life, family’s marriages break up and more and the Government need to ACT NOW and do more for Autism, in our local area in Staffordshire there is a very limited diagnoses service to diagnose Adults a service which runs a few hours a week, and the waiting list is huge, people cant even access for a diagnoses,
Kevin recently launched the first National Autism Radio station in the UK – Autism Radio UK ( which gives people with Autism a voice!

thousands of names for Downing street