I’m due to meet another producer film director this Thursday I hope I get somewhere with this as I have had to many promises people say that they want to make the film and when it comes to the real crunch nothing moves forward however I do have faith in this person who I will be meeting on Thursday which they have won some film awards for some films and short films and tv dramas.

I have been contacted by some Hollywood producers and film directors, and even one film director from new York. Allot of these artistic films to not portray autism in the real sense for example we are not all like the rainman its disappointing when they stereo type all artistic been the same that that are all savings and can do amazing things like calculating dated of births or something so amazing that even neuro typical can’t do.

What will be so amazing with this film is that there are two twins are identical in every way apart from one been HF Asperger and the other been severely artistic with no communication whatsoever.

Just imagine having a twin that you can’t share things with or communicate with each other or do things like other brothers and sisters do, just imagine that you could share holidays your fears and joys together, you probably can imagine to some extent but you will never be me reading this post a twin who can never do that, some times I wish we could swipe body and my twin be me and me be him, I will never know hoe he feels or what pain he is in it what if any he does no anything but so locked in this artistic world where we can’t communicate with each other.

But what I do know I love my twin dearly and hope that some day that researchers scientists can unlock they key to this artistic world