please donate today

My campaign is going is going amazingly well, we now have over 100 MPs who are backing may campaign, and it’s been seen by over 30 million people across the UK by Am-screen on digital billboards

Next phase of the campaign we are doing a Anti Bullying Documentary in partnership with Lilac films, they are donating there time for free and donating the productions cost of the documentary for free, the budget we need to raise is £1200 this is to pay travel exp, and overnight accommodation, lunch budget, for the three man film crew who will be filming at 5 various locations across the UK, Manchester, Liverpool, and London.

The film will have celbs in the film talking about bullying and how it impacts a Persons life by been bullied on the film will feature X factor chris malloney, Dr Pam Spurs, Dawn Lowe, some parents too and many more celbs who are involved in the campaign,

so please dig deep and donate whatever you can so we can get this film out there on digital platforms such as youtube, twitter and facebook

thankyou for supporting

a massive thankyou two steve the CEO of lilac films for helping me with this project to bring awareness globally on Anti Autism Bullying

Kevin Healey, Leading Autism Campaigner UK