I have been campaigning now for 245 days, since I lunched my campaign in April this year
autism campaign
This week I was featured on lbc London radio talking about hate crime and cyberbullying, then I was featured in the media as phil bennion MEP from the West Midlands has now wrote a written deceleration and now my campaign is going to Europe see the article on Phil bennion MEP
On Wednesday I attended parliament to speak on hate crime, bullying, online bullying, and autism to people with autism and learning disability for parliament democracy week, tweets of support were sent out by my followers such as celebrity’s luke goss, Sarah brown just too name a few, my campaign poster was shared by thousands on twitter and social networking sites, anti bullying does not last for one week, I’m raising awareness every day on social media, to raise awareness and I’m currently fighting for new laws, with now 104 mps supporting early day motion 172 on new hate crime laws… The fight continues…