I would like to know how you will address Autism Issues, for so long now National charity’s get more funding than anybody else, but the true fact is that the smaller Autism charity’s like SAAS receive NO core Government or local statutory funding, and we are the ones who are delivering the “Real” services for those affected by Autism at local level and at very Grass root level. we provide the crucial services that the local authority should be delivering but they don’t, if we didn’t cater and support our members, they would become depressed, and would be at utter despair.   Only half a million pound as been given from the government with the new Autism strategy, there is over half a million Autistic people in the UK this is less than a £1 per Autistic person-      one third are currently without a job or access to benefits

just 15% have a full-time job

but 79% of those on Incapacity Benefit want to work.

£500,000 will be invested in developmental training within health, social care, and professional bodies; it will address training for job center disability employment advisors to work for those with autism to help them to be able to work, and it will champion improved diagnosis.

per person is hardly anything with over half a million in the UK affected with Autism,

Autism as always been at the bottom of the agenda for everything, i would like to know how you are going to address this, it’s time for change! who do i really vote for this year??

Yours Sincerely

Kevin Healey

Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society