Dear Twitter,

Having been on your platform now for over 5 years with over 149,000 followers, as an Ambassador for Autism and a leading campaigner, not forgetting i have autism, since the start of this year i started a new campaign on bullying, due to the fact that i have been trolled, impersonated,  stalked, cloned, death threats on your platform, i haven’t asked for much i have only asked you to verify my account because of the ongoing impersonation, i have contacted several people at twitter HQ, where i just get the general email back asking for a ticket number, my last impersonation was only last week and the twitter account “kevin healey” lasted a week on twitter with the most horrific tweets which are so bad that i cant show or publish, it took over twitter yourselves a week to take this impersonation account down.

Now lets get this into perspective I’m not a celebrity neither do i want to be one, I’m a person living with autism 24/7 trying to save peoples lives from committing suicide, through my anti bullying campiagn  I simply cant understand and maybe you can explain twitter why you will not verify my account, as under your FAQ’s it clearly states  from time to time and individuals at high risk of impersonation”. when infact you have verified friends and followers of mine like shy and Denise now i don’t believe shy and Denise have new york bestsellers, which i was told that by some of your colleagues at twitter,  if i had a new york best seller then i would be verified, my book which as sold thousands for charity twin brothers worlds apart is not a new York best seller, i was also told because im not a FM radio presenter like a DJ from BBC radio one then again i cant be verified, even though i present for Autism Radio UK now i don’t want a blue tick for the sake of having a blue tick, i want verification, because I’m sick to the teeth now of been impersonated on twitter, i don’t get impersonated on Facebook or google plus for that matter or any other social media platforms

So twitter, do you know what its like to live with autism? and spend your life on social media because with my condition i have issues with socialisation and been on your network, i get impersonation and abuse, and no protection from twitter at all, you may say well, if you don’t like what your getting switch your computer/ phone off, i cant do that because if i did i would have no social life at all. I do lookforward to your response twitter

Yours Sincerely

Kevin Healey            @kevin_healey