Dear twitter

there has been many requests from myself and my supporters asking you to protect and verify my account, but sadly this still has no happened, lots of people have contacted you to request for me to be verified, including staffordshire police, my MP, and celebrities have even taken the time to write  to you directly, and sadly you still refuse WHY?

I Recall contacting your staff at twitter UK (feb 2014), i had a response from your HQ in march 2014, saying that i must refrain from contacting your staff, of which i only tweeted them a few times, i still have that email..



in the email dated 14/02/2014 you seam to be disappointed that I’ve made contact with twitter re -my verification, and that you would not accept any requests from third parties, such as the police, my MP, Crime Commissioner whom all have wrote to you, and my petition supporters which over 1580 have signed my petition and left hundreds of comments.

i would like to know what you mean by carefully reviewed my account? and the minimum criteria….

and your unable to make exceptions to your policy’s for me?

OK Twitter lets put the record straight, Twitter only seams to verify the following people, please do correct me if I’m wrong? you verify, MP’s, celebrities, footballers, singers, authors etc….

I was shocked to also find out when i had communication with one of your staff via the telephone she stated “we can’t verify you because your not a NEW YORK bestseller, well twitter i know hundreds of people who use your platform and they are NOT New York bestsellers but they have there account verified.

Now Twitter for the record…

Ive had Death Threats on your platform, impersonation, cloning, VILE hate speech against my disability, but the most horrific is when i got LOTS of IMPERSONATION and Cloning of my account, do you know twitter from this day on i suffer from PTSD, no twitter i know you can’t stop the trolls you probably will never will.

I’m just asking for you to show some compassion, lots of people say, well Kevin if your account is verified you can still get impersonated! YES they are correct- However twitter at least people will know who the real ‘Kevin Healey” is if I’m verified and protected….

WHY do you verify people. you verify people twitter because people GET impersonated and cloned! BUT your doing nothing to help me!!

TWIITER I don’t want to petition  you….neither do i want to campaign against you… i have more better things to do with my time, i.e. campaigning for many people living and effected with Autism in the UK.

BUT i have to SHOUT OUT! Twitter because its injustice, is it because i have autism? and  you don’t wish to protect me? and the reason i feel this is because i know many campaigner’s  like me on twitter whom are like me “NOT CELEBRITY STATUS” are verified by yourselves? so whats the problem??

 i use twitter as a communication tool because of my autism, i help hundreds of people weekly on twitter, for advice, information, and support because I’m a national campaigner and ambassador for the UK

Twitter below is a screen shot of some various tweets some horrific, abusive, hate speech, impersonation, and cloning –

Having Appeared on Sky News, BBC, Channel 5 News, Daily Mail and many other media sources about my impersonation up until this day i still remain un–protected, and feel very venerable on your platform INFACT i feel VERY UNSAFE every time i use twitter, I’m scared incase i see another imposter pretending to be me, do you know what that feels like, its horrific.

Please twitter DO the right thing and verify my account.

twitter abuse / impersonation

twitter abuse / impersonation