just logged on my Linkedin  profile and read the wonderful comments that people have left me thankyou,


“Kevin Healey is a rare individual who combines determination and self-belief in a way that he has achieved things many of us could only dream about. He is passionately committed to the cause of autism. In doing so via regular radio and a vast range of communication options he campaigns with unbelievable strength of character and determination to spread awareness of autism.
He is a caring, passionate and inspirational leader that I am so proud to endorse. I wish Kevin all the best for his continued success” June 29, 2011

1st Amnuai BeckenhamFounder, Thai Silk Magic
was with another company when working with Kevin at staffordhire adults autism

Kevin is a wonderful person who is doing an incredible amount to help people with Autism and their families.” June 27, 2011

1st Jayne AstonModerator, Allergies-r-us

“Kevin is a staunch and respected advocate for the Autistic Community encouraging inclusion, as well as, acceptance for those of us with ASD across the spectrum. It is a pleasure to side by side with him creating solutions for those with autism and their caregivers.” June 27, 2011

1st Michael BuckholtzFounder/Representative,

“Kevin is a very involved person within the global autism community. His work with his United Kingdom radio show and advocacy for various causes has provided great contributions to many. Getting the word out about autism is important–we can thank Kevin for his great involvement and dedication in this regard. I wish him the greatest success in his future endeavours.” June 25, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

1st Bob Hudson, MA, M Ed, LSW,

“I have found Kevin to be extremely passionate about his work. He produces wonderful results with all he works with. I would have no regrets recommending him to others.”June 25, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

1st Eileen Miller,

“Kevin is a genuine, caring and fantastic chap- and he has repeatedly supported me in my efforts to highlight Autistic “Hacker” Gary Mckinnon’s Extradition Case via his Radio Station.
Someone needs to give Kevin an O.B.E. for his work in the Autism sphere !” January 17, 2011

1st Cliff O’SullivanOwner/Administrator, pc-insecurities