Kevin has been campaigning for Autism rights for the last ten years, he has founded two Autism charity’s and also a Autism Radio station, he has helped thousands of people over the years
Kevin has wrote a book which all the proceeds from this go to charity, Kevin is a ambassador for people with Autism local and National, Kevin has changed the lives of thousands affected by the condition, he also campaigns Nationally as well- Vote 4 Kevin
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We all know someone who’s made a difference by giving something back to their community, going out of their way to help others or inspiring positive change.

In this, the tenth anniversary of Community Channel, we think it’s time those outstanding people and their contributions were recognised and rewarded.

Community Champions allows you to nominate those people who’ve made a real difference in their communities, but whose stories might never normally be told.

So which unsung hero do you think deserves to be recognised as a Community Champion? Nominate your champion now or take a look at those who have already been nominated and get voting.

Shaun & kevin Healey