A MUM is putting herself on show on billboards across the country to win greater political support for children with autism.

Polly Tommey, 42, is copying Wonderbra’s famous “Hello boys” campaign to convey her message that there are six million General Election votes in the bag for the party taking the condition most seriously.

Polly’s own son Billy, 13, is autistic. The posters will go up across the country this week.

Polly, 42, from Twickenham, Middlesex, said last night: “Autism affects many, many more people than the immediate family. It must be placed as a priority.”

Her Autism Trust says six million voters will back a party that includes proposals to look after kids in its manifesto.

Last year Polly was invited to Downing Street after putting her phone number on a billboard inviting Gordon Brown to call. She said: “Now I’m hoping the Conservatives will come back with some concrete policies as well.”