well I just cant believe how some people are  so gullible in what they believe, on polly tommey’s facebook page


there as been various posts about “curing Autism” now lets put this into perspective, having lived with the condition for 35 years………

the comments are ridiculous saying why don’t i visit YOU-TUBE to see how parents and there children have been cured with various treatment etc one lady wrote

I don’t think looking at videos on Youtube is a great example of proof! Professor Simon Baron-Cohen of Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre, the best in the world I hasten to add has stated on many ocassions that Autism is a lifelong condition. It so annoys me that people are looking for a cure! its not going to happen, accept that and put your energy into helping your child, not by spending mega money on so called miracle cures!

while others said

But so called ‘miracle’ treatments shouldn’t be rammed down the throats of those who don’t believe. I don’t believe mercury causes autism. It is a neurological genetic disorder. I have 2 children on the spectrum who were autistic from birth.

wait for it…

Try searching on youtube for videos of recovered autistic kids and you will find a lot for example. Did you try that? Some of these kids have lost their diagnosis. Not all by a long way, but some for sure

the information is from parents of recovered kids. Autism can definitely be cured in some cases and massively improved in all cases

Maybe these children never had Autism in the beginning, it really annoys me when i hear parents say, OH my child Johnny as been cured now he is None Autistic, or Well Lucy Did have Asperger syndrome but she Doesn’t any-more.

I really think some of these people who have made comments really need to wakeup in the real world of Autism.


  • Autism can not be cured
  • Autism cant be cured by pills
  • Autism can’t be cured by suplements
  • Autism cant be cured by treatments


there are are half a million in the UK ho have Autism – now if there was a prescription cure don’t you think there would be NO AUTISTIC S IN THE UK,

however I do believe to a certain extent that some individuals with AUTISM may have gastrointestinal problems, but AUTISM is not a GASTRO problem, its a Developmental Condition.