Sue Chandler Secretary of SAAS along with Kevin Healey attended the 100th year of Stoke On Trent event Sue, was nominated as one of the top 50th people in the City for recognition of her work to the community for the last ten years.

Kevin Healey Said

Sue has helped so many people over the years her dedication and commitment to the community of Stoke On trent is fantastic, you don’t come across many people like sue who puts others before herself

The dinner  included 50 people nominated by Sentinel readers and their guests, making up The Sentinel 100.

Mrs Chandler said she decided to establish SENSG, which meets every week at the Hope Children’s Centre, in Garth Street, Hanley, after being motivated by people she met as a volunteer for the city council’s Parent Partnership.

In this role she helped to support families with special needs children by liaising with their schools and also attending tribunals.

She said it made her realise how little support there was to parents of children with special needs.

Mrs Chandler, who is mum to Steven, aged 36, Sharon, aged 33, and Andrew, aged 18, said: “I am over the moon to be nominated. I did not expect anything like this. I just like to help people and make sure they get who they are entitled to.

“I also love Stoke-on-Trent so would be very proud to attend this dinner.”