Well after my fall I’m still in lost of pain Im sure i have dyspraxia as well, i seem to be having lots of accidents just lately falls, trips etc,

Also i will be having a test for Dyslexia soon, my sister has that Julie, I’m sure i have it to its never been diagnosed, so i will update everyone when i have the test (God job for spellcheckers!).

Its freezing today i hate the cold, and Sundays are so boring, i went out last night for my mates birthday James Meakin, but i didn’t go any pubs after others did, i hate pubs and clubs, i cant do the social thing, its all to do with sensory, ie- people, noise, sounds, etc etc, so i came back home to watch TV, well sort of with the pain, and more pain killers, it kills me getting in and out of bed with this cracked rib, my foot as gone down though the swelling which is good news.

I must catch up with Eisabeth my co authour of my book, i haven’t spoken to her for a while on skype and i do miss our chats, so i will make sure i call her soon,

I’m going to rest now by the fire!