Thankyou so much to each and everyone of my supporters, Thursday evening i came off twitter due to the intense trolling and twitter abuse over the weekend twitter have suspended several accounts to those who have given abuse to me and to them who have been aggressively trolling me, however my legal team will now take legal action either civil or criminal depending on the vile tweets I receive screen shots will be captured by the campaigns team and will take the nessecasry action either forwarding to twitter or to legal so please be warned you could have your account suspended or legal action taken against you.

thankyou all it’s been a tough week but I will carry on with my campaign and will never back down to these vile trolls, the campaign has come a long way in four months and I will continue too push for law changes, in various county’s and states new cyber laws are happening like Canada NS state now has an anti cyberbullying law and a anti cyberbullying team so it’s just the beginning I will continue fighting for my self and many thousands who are victims to these vile trolls and cyberbullying