The High Court, having considered the application, believed that there was a case for whether the new medical evidence does require the Home Secretary to prevent Gary’s extradition under the Human Rights Act, and whether it does represent a fundamental change in the circumstances he had previously considered. If the answer on both points is found to be yes, then it is arguable that the Home Secretary’s decision to extradite Gary would be unlawful.

Janis Sharp, Gary’s mother, said “I can’t believe it some common sense at last. This judge has made such an honourable and decent decision. Gary’s health has badly declined it’s been traumatic to see”.

Support Gary

  • A special version of the song Chicago recorded by David Gilmour, Sir Bob Geldof, Chrissie Hynde and Gary McKinnon has now been released to raise awareness for Gary. You can download the song from iTunes, Amazon and HMV
  • You can also join a new text petition by texting Gary to 65000.  Evidence of petitioner numbers will be sent on a regular basis to the Home Secretary and Shadow Home Secretaries.  Text messages will be charged at normal network rates.
  • Find out more about the song and the latest developments in the case from the Free Gary website and