It’s horrific to learn that zelda williams recently quit twitter after the tragic loss of her father.

But what are twitter going to actually do? Twitter say they will review harassment policy’s

my article featured on the drum
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Twitters trust and safety told the Washington post..

“We will not tolerate abuse of this nature on Twitter,” Del Harvey, Twitter’s vice president of trust and safety, said in a statement. “We have suspended a number of accounts related to this issue for violating our rules and we are in the process of evaluating how we can further improve our policies to better handle tragic situations like this one. This includes expanding our policies regarding self-harm and private information, and improving support for family members of deceased users.”

Nothing has been mentioned that they are going to review there policy’s on impersonation and twitter cloning.

But what about people like myself whom have had constant twitter abuse, impersonation and twitter cloning for years…

It’s now been 8 months since I reported my case to Staffordshire police, even though the police have been helpful twitter have yet failed too give any information to the police on my offenders, the police have put in quite a few applications now but nothing has been given to the police.

Also over 1400 people on have signed my petition also staffordshires police crime commissioner has wrote to twitter, including my MP, and MEP asking them to verify my account, but they won’t, twitter say that I don’t meet there eligibility criteria on there verification policy, when twitter have verified three other national campaigners in the UK like myself whom have had abuse but not impersonation but twitter protect there accounts and the three campaigners are all female.

We always hear in the press and the media and on blog sites that it’s women who get abuse on twitter but what about them men it affects both male and female and not just female.

Twitter really need to take account and action now as they have a responsibility in protecting users like me who have a disability and been impersonated on there platform which in fact is a hate crime in the UK