90.9 percent of the public call for new cyber bullying laws ahead of Anti Bullying Week.

The results of a recent survey have emphasised the importance of stronger and tougher laws to tackle cyber bullying. The survey, which was conducted by Kevin Healey, leading anti bullying campaigner, reveals that 90.9 percent of 100 people who answered state that there should be new and improved laws implemented to successfully decrease the risk of online trolls and attacks. Also, 98.5 percent demand that defendants should face prosecution and extended prison sentences.
The results, which have been released to coincide with Anti Bullying Week,18th – 22nd November, also reveal that 95.3 percent feel that the Government could do more, and be more proactive when approaching bullying issues.
Kevin Healey, who campaigns for stronger cyber bullying laws and who is currently calling for social media platform Twitter to reassess their policies and reporting processes to make it easier for online trolls and bullies to be identified feels that the survey affirms the need for stronger laws and better protection for victims of bullying.
“The response of this survey was overwhelming and the results speak for themselves and cannot be ignored. With almost 100 percent of people surveyed stating that new laws are essential, I am calling for the governments involvement and cooperation in tackling online bullying.”
This years theme for Anti Bullying Week is ‘The Future is Ours. Safe, Fun and Connected. This theme ties in perfectly with Kevin, who is autistic and his campaign. Kevin is striving to create a safe and secure online community for those with disabilities and vulnerabilities who often have no choice to live their lives through the internet.
“The theme for Anti Bullying Week is relevant and current, focusing on everyone who uses the internet to communicate and socialise. For many, the internet is their only access to the ‘outside world’. When this haven is compromised by bullies and trolls, the victims can become isolated, which leads to depression and as recent events show, suicide. The internet is part of the 21st century life meaning that cyber bullying is becoming more detrimental than offline bullying. Everyone has access to phones, computers or tablets, and for those who have autism and other vulnerabilities, it is impossible to turn them off, meaning that the bullying becomes continuous. As a victim of bullying myself, I understand how hard it is to be subject to hate campaigns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It can leave people feeling exposed, and for those with conditions such as autism, the anxiety and stress levels are heightened.” Kevin continues
Further results from the survey state that 95.4 percent agree that a cyber bullying legislation should be implemented and that 83.3 percent have been subject to online abuse and can often fear their online safety.
Kevin’s campaign and initiatives including Anti Bullying Week are fundamental in not only tackling bullying and developing new laws, but in improving quality of lives and ensuring that everyone can have an active online presence positively without harm or danger.
“The digital world is very much part of everyone’s lives, and this will only develop. It is the responsibility of the government, ISPs and social media platforms to work together to solve this growing problem sooner rather than later, and protect their users and public. It needs to be very high on the agenda, and an urgent point of discussion.” Kevin concludes.



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Kevin Healey is a leading anti bullying campaigner and is working towards creating better services and support for people on the autistic spectrum. He is founder of autistic charity Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society (SAAS) and has recently been announced as a Regional Finalist in the British Care Awards, recognising his outstanding contribution for his anti bullying campaign.

Anti Bullying Week is an annual UK event, which aims to raise awareness of bullying of children and young people. Anti Bullying Week is organised by the Anti Bullying Alliance (ABA) in England, which is made up of sixty member organisations.