I was a finalist for outstanding contribution for the British care awards for my campaign I’ve won various awards in the last 13 years, GOv home office award for inclusion, charity champion of the year, SOT citizen of the year, and various other awards for raising awareness of this hidden condition autism, I would like to thank Jo WORGAN for nominating me for this regional award as a finalist for my autism anti bullying campaign which has been running for 8 months I don’t see this as a short campaign, but I’m in for the ride it’s been a lots of ups and downs but I’m very determine to change the current hate crime laws for those with autism and other disabilitys so that there is better protection for physical bullying and online bullying changes are been made as I write this with over 30 million seen the campaign and an online documentary to be released for the 2nd week of December this year which features parents, celbs and people with autism, my campaign has been debated in parliment by Ian mearns MP and a ten minute rule bill which as it’s second reading on the 24th jan 2014, there is still lots more to do and I won’t stop until better laws are in place for me and the thousands of people who are bullied