Today just after a few hours my twitter petition was posted on the NAS Facebook page with over 200 likes and another 200 signatures, within a few hours I had to inform the NAS to remove my petition from there Facebook page, due to the fact I was attacked personally, and my anti bullying campaign. autism campaign

one parent who attacked me was ranting and duplicating the same post and she was annoyed and angry because Katie price is a celebrity supporter and she did not want Katie to be involved in my campaign so she began to attack me last year so I decided to block her on Facebook and twitter, because I asked the NAS to post my petition on there fb page it opened a floodgate for the trolls, and haters to re attack, and sadly they are parents of autistic children, the second parent decided to post web links from a nortourious cyberstalker troll who tried to damage and slander my charity’s name a few years ago, but she sadly failed on all accounts

I won’t be bad mouthed I have kept the screen shots of the said people, whom have nothing better else to do too try and bad mouth me and abuse me online, it’s tragic really when these parents have children with autism, what a terrible example they are showing in the autism community, I will not accept and tolerate this sort of libel, slanderous posts,

the post I had to ask the NAS to remove