Kevin Healey Autism Campaigner appeals to Goverment to FREE Gary Mckinnon, kevin appeals to Nick Cleg and David Cameron to Free Gary Mckinnon, Nick cleg said to me outside the Home office in December 2009 that he would FREE GARY if he came into power he has failed this “I’m appalled that Gary as been treated this way for the last 7 years the amount of anxiety he must be under is terrible for him and his family, No family should go through this, Also let alone for Gary, still people Don’t understand Autism and the law needs to be changed, Kevin said it “disgusts me that people with AS are been put in prisons when they have committed a crime, and some even end up with a nervous breakdown, or even take there own lives before they go to prison, the Government needs to change this for the needs of people with Autism”. Here is what you can do: *Write to your Member of Parliament urging your MP to contact Home Secretary Alan Johnson and asking him to act — he has the power to stop the extradition and even Lord Carlisle has said that Gary could be tried in the UK. *Contact your local media pledging your support and urging local people to sign our online petition. *Please encourage your friends and networks to sign our petition. *Urge local charities, voluntary organisations, community organisations to support our online petition. It is people power that can change things. Gary McKinnon isn’t a terrorist, he is a man with Asperger’s Syndrome who has admitted that he has done