Kevin Healey Stand UP for Autism Campaign National is calling on the new Government to take immediate Action for Autism, and to put Autism on top of the political agenda.

The recent Autism Act has put £500,000 into training for Autism, this however is equivalent to only £1 per Autistic person.

Since his diagnoses 10 years ago Kevin Healey from Stoke On Trent has campaigned for better services and support and believes that people with Autism have been ignored and isolated for far too long.

The new campaign launched last week is aimed at David Cameron and Nick Clegg and is appealing to them to put Autism at the top of the political agenda. Various Autism charities have campaigned in the past and at a recent Autism summit at 10 Downing Street in December last year there was over 40 Autism charities in attendance. However only two people were present with Autism at this meeting. Sarah Brown discussed how Autism charities can work in partnership to better peoples experience with Autism, but the true fact remains that all the Autism charity’s out there have their own personal agenda’s.

Kevin recently wrote to David Cameron and had a reply from a Customer Service Administrator at the Department of Health which stated, “Thankyou for your letter that has been sent to the David Cameron which has now been forwarded to me, the department is unable to make any commitment regarding future policy on Autism at this early stage”

Kevin has also been denied his voice recently from a certain group for the Autism community on a social networking site, reiterating the point that Autism charities are working on their own agenda and not necessarily to an agenda beneficial to those with Autism.

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