I Sent out a statement today on my twitter account and facebook feed see quote below

but later in the evening a came across this see screen shot which is really sick and twisted within an hour i sent a message out on facebook and twitter and it went Viral and it was reported and closed down

but it looks like people can say what they want and don’t realise the impact this has on people with autism and parents etc, its about time the law was changed on social media, im not saying police the Internet because nobody can do that but there needs to be prosecution in force to stop these evil people affecting so many people in the Autism community

Statement: from Kevin Healey leading Autism Campaigner there are many thousands of people affected by autism and like the rest of people in society they dont commit violent crimes. this tragedy reinforces the need for early diagnosis support etc
Whilst people are angry is understandable everyone should take care not to make comments very detrimental and negative way on the many thousands of people with autism like myself who agrees that these shootings are a tragedy.

I have 150,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook and have built a relationship with thousands of people globally. Parents and adults are worried about the the media are portraying in a negative light of some of the media articles that have seen I have also been reading various tweets and facebook messages there is still allot of misunderstandings about autism from the public and the media This means for people like myself there is still allot of campaigning for me to do to as a leading campaigner for autism to make sure that people with autism are not misunderstood and not be penalised for having an autism spectrum
condition. i haven’t seen any official report to say that Adam Lanza has a diagnosis of autism so its just speculation at this moment from various media sources causing families and adults with autism anxiety and stress.