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#FREEGARY NEEDS YOU! We need you to help us during the upcoming Presidential visit to the UK.
Let me explain – during the Presidents visit – theres a very high possibility that the #OBAMA hashtag will trend here in the UK and we want to get as many #Freegary tweets into the #Obama stream as possible.
In order to do that we need to spread the word and time is getting short. This is a great opportunity to end Gary’s mental suffering and the agony his family have endured, and continue to endure, under the threat of Gary’s extradition to the United States where he faces up to 70 years in a US Max Security prison.
Nick clegg himself said ““If he boards the plane to the U.S., it is almost certain he will never set foot on British soil again, doomed to pass out the rest of his days in shackles on a foreign shore. This is nothing short of a disgrace” ….(August 2009)
Gary will not come home- we need to ensure he never gets on that plane!
So, we need you to blog this and get the word out – and for those of us on twitter – we need you to tweet and retweet all of the #Freegary #Obama tweets which will be appearing in the ‘Freegary’ stream during President Obama’s visit.
David Cameron – “It should still mean something to be a British citizen – with the full protection of the British Parliament, rather than a British Government trying to send you off to a foreign court” ….(July 2009)
Once you have blogged this on your own blog site – send a link – and we will retweet it amongst the growing army of #Freegary supporters on Twitter and on Facebook.
You can start by retweeting this blog – using the buttons available – please share it far and wide.
#Freegary is NOT Anti-American -it is Anti-American policy and believes that the 10 years Gary and his family have waited is 10 years TOO long! Please join us – and help us to Keep Gary Home! You can get all of the information and background to Garys case from the Freegary website –