Kevin Healey Aged 39.




Diagnosed with Autism at the age of 27 now 39 yrs old one of identical twins, founder of two autism charity’s, National Campaigner for Autism, Ambassador, trustee for the National Autistic Society.





I have been bullied through all my life, junior school through to senior school, the most traumatic events have been over the last 5 years, cyberbullied online, received death threat from a european country, I have been stalked, trolled, impersonated, cloned, harassed on social media.

I use social media every day of my life its my way of communication with friends and the outside world, but by been on-line because of my disability im been attacked, harassed, stalked, impersonated, cloned etc, and no one or nobody can help me, No one…

(Ive actually been a victim of an armed robbery where I was held at Knife point- that I cold walk away from that traumatic event, but cyberbullying is with me 24/7 it invades my life and my home)

I have been fighting for the last year with my national international Anti bullying Campaign (www.autism-campaign.co.uk) which has 23 celebrity supporters, and as had the backing of lord Sugar who supported with a billboard campaign across the UK and as also featured in the london underground.


Having a huge following on social media over 150,000 people I have been subjected to the above, its been very traumatic for me as a person living with Autism, the current Hate crime laws in the UK simply do not work for people like me and many others and this drastically needs to change


I’m campaigning and fighting for changes nationally and internationally, having reported many incidents of cyberbullying, stalking, impersonation police in the UK have been powerless, through no fault of there own, however social media  sites like twitter request a US court order or subpoena  before they can trace the offender or take any sort of action they will only resale information too the police if its a life or death situation, they will release  only (not good enough)


With my ongoing case CID are powerless because twitter will not release any information to them unless its life/death situation, so I have to suffer in SILENCE!


Twitter abuse- account cloned recently gave CID Lots of documents of my account cloned, disability hate crime, offensive language, offensive  insults to my condition, etc etc


ive had constant twitter cloning and over 1200 people have signed a petition on change.org asking twitter to verify my account, because of the constant impersonation and twitter cloning


What im calling for in the UK

  • Minister to implement a stronger Hate crime law for disabled people
  • Home office, Sport media & culture (MM) Dept and Crime prevention Minster to put in place a Cyberbullying legislation in the UK
  • offenders whom cyberbully disabled people to get fined, imprisonment
  • Social media sites Like twitter, Facebook, Ask Fm, etc too work with the police
  • Home Office To liaise with twitter UK and Sanfransisco  USA to get my account Verified and protected from the constant impersonation & Twitter Clonning
  • Better reporting systems on social media sites like twitter current reporting system (report abuse button Flawed- on occasions its take twitter 2-3 weeks to suspend TROLL accounts and some days its taken me upto 3 hours to fill in online report abuse forms.
  • I have sent in a number of letters to the PM and the Deputy PM Calling for a meeting to discuss this important issue, but had very little response





Too many life’s taken- this needs to change- Hate crime laws for disabled people



laws not strong enough Hate Crime- Reporting Systems need to change, they just get Logged and nothing happens!


We need to ACT now and stop some of the examples below happening again in the near Future.



Fiona Pilkington, 38, and 18-year-old Francecca Hardwick, who was disabled, died in October 2007 when Ms Pilkington set fire to their car- because of constant Bullying & Harassment.


Steven simpson young teenager set on fire because of his Asperger Syndrome- offender only got 3 years


Andrew Young 40 Autistic- who was punched and killed – offender only got 4 years


Harvey Price constant impersonation accounts on twitter mimicking his disability and sending out the most VILE tweets, Katie Price has reported this too the police many of times and nothing as been done, also many people have reported these impersonation/cloned accounts and 5 accounts still remain present on twitter.





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