I thought i would get emotional reading the speech out but i didn’t as I’m even more determined than ever now to get things changed!


Home office MINISTER – mentioned there is a new document out called

challenge it, report it, stop it you can obtain this from the Home Office website.

also there is a new  document out Via Mencap called “LIVING IN FEAR”… In conjunction with Kent Police, the tizard university of kent, autism london, and the lottery.

i asked the Minster about a cyberbullying legislation he said he will write back to me soon

Minster said he takes cyberbullying very seriously and even more serious than physical bullying? i asked, then how come then when i have reported  incidents to the police, (no fault of there own they have been very supportive staffordshire police, however they are powerless to do anything because social media platforms like twitter require a USA court order before they release any information, and will only release information if its a life or death situation – Robert Buckland  MP, said that there was incidents  that have happened on a hate crime where police have found out the information and prosecuted the offender,

( this main issue hear is of course twitter, not releasing the  information… unless its a life or death situation) However the Minister and MP for the all Autism Party group will be writing back to me in due course.

i applaud Lord Rix for his kind words and closing comments, and to Robert Buckland MP for his understanding and thanking me for attending, also special thanks too Iana NAS officer, and Mencap Robert Holland who organised todays event.

it was also good to hear from Richard Lawrence who also has a condition and he has been subjected to hate crime

Hopefully now the minister knows of me and heard my testimonial he will be taking action to STAMP this out.. lets see what happens