I’ve been inundated on twitter I would like to thanks all my followers for your support,
Parents, people with autism have tweeted to my twitter’s asking me not to leave, as previously stated my I will go back to my twitter account @Kevin_Healey once twitter have verified me

A BBC story went out today- I couldn’t believe the statement from Twitter from there press department saying a twitter spokesperson said

We don’t comment on individual cases because of security and privacy

Twitter have verified other people like me whom who are not mps, celbs. Etc so why all these different rules? I want verification because I’m so sick of been impersonated, Facebook – Google have verified be – so why such a big deal twitter

They also say they only verify key interest areas well I’m probably the only person in the UK in the autism field who has over 120k followers let alone been an ambassador, author, and presenter which many authors and presenters whom are on twitter are verified?

Please comment below let me know your thoughts and opinions