Due to the repeated requests asking twitter too verify me, and they have refused not just only me but nearly 1600 of my petition supporters, as well as refusing Staffordshire police my local MP, MEP and celebrity’s who have wrote too twitter’s CEO they still refuse, too verify my account.

They won’t accept any requests from third parties, I can honestly say how disappointed I am after all today is Internetsafety day and twitter have been tweeting out today about protection and been safe online, unfortunately I don’t feel safe on there platform until verification takes place, other leading platforms have protected me and verified my social media accounts – such as Facebook and Google plus, I’ve asked twitter on many occasions to verify and protect me from the impersonation and cloning but they won’t, they simply refuse!

No I’m not a celebrity or an MP but I’m a public figure, it’s disappointing that twitter verify other campaigners like myself whom who have had abuse on twitter and they have verified and protected there accounts, I just want twitter to show compassion, that’s all nothing else

I help hundreds of people on twitter daily with my autism campaigns, sharing information and resources about autism, it’s sad that twitter have now halted me to do this on there platform.

If people want to contact me please do so through Facebook.
Or contact the campaign team on twitter @Autismcampaign

Maybe il come back too twitter one day when they decide to protect and verify my account, because I’m sick of the impersonation and cloning on twitter

I would like to thank all my supporters and friends on twitter for your upmost support, I will continue as an autism campaigner/ambassador which I’ve been doing for the last 14 years online, public, throughout the UK but I can’t use twitter no more until I’m verified and protected – people have said to me well if your protected they can still impersonate you Kevin – yes very true indeed, but at least people will know who the real Kevin is not some cloned or impersonated troll pretending to be me.



twitter abuse snapshot


abuse timeline

abuse timeline

Hope you all understand
Best wishes
Kevin Healey
Autism Ambassador for the UK