A text message will be sent out at 6 pm tonight in the UK and hopefully will go across the pond to America in an attempt to raise awareness over there of the mental anguish this family has been under for so long.
The idea is very simple – send a text to 07591408561 (standard txt rates apply – your number will not be used for any other purpose and I promise that I personally will delete all of them afterwards)
Its free to text this number if you are on O2 in the UK.
At 6 pm (g.m.t.) – you will receive a text back and hopefully you will forward this text to as many people as possible. All o2 phone owners can text their O2 contacts for free – so please put those free texts to a good cause ;)
If you are on a contract phone – simply donate a portion of your ‘free text’ allowance to send the message on – remember – if everyone who receives the text sends it to just 2 or 3 other people – and they send it to two or three others – it will continue to spread and grow exponentially.