www.twinbrothersworldsapart.com Autism Film, Charity looking for a film production company, Directors, and film Writers, Screen writers, film makers, to turn this book into a film, twin Brothers worlds apart is a true story, the only Autistic twin book published in the world contact infosaas@ntlworld.com http In Words – Kevin Healey’s Autobiography When I was a child I knew my brother and I were different. He was more affected with autism than I. Sometimes in my life I wished we could have changed places or swap bodies. I didn’t want him to be trapped in his own world as much as I wanted to disappear in my own world so many times. I questioned why Shaun and I are on the autistic spectrum. My parents Margaret and Patrick had their hands full with looking after four children, especially Shaun. My mum and dad had to come into school because of my difficulties and misunderstandings, sometimes I would get frustrated knowing that Shaun had to go to a different school I was aware that Shaun was different. Children used to make fun of him. They called Shaun & I names & I had no friends. I realised that Shaun will have his condition for the rest of his life. I could never interact with Shaun. Growing up was really hard. I thank my mum and my dad for their love regardless of what they went though with me and Shaun. I am so thankful for my older brother Mark. He had friends and allowed me to play with them. The only friend I had in school was a boy named David. The situation changed