It seems to go from bad to worse!

Today i fell down a staircase i landed on my back, and my ankle, i just heard this noise and my ankle went SNAP! I thought “Dam it”, i broke my ankle, then i stood up and i was in so much pain, so i decided to go North Staffordshire A & E.

When i booked in at reception the lady on the front desk said take a seat and some one will attend to you soon, when i saw the nurse i explained what had happened, that i fell down the stairs and landed funny, she said i Doctor would need to examine me, it was really busy today in the Hospital i took my AUTISM card and explained i couldn’t wait for to long because on my anxiety and my AS, she replied “everyone else has to wait so you will need to wait your turn Mr Healey”, i couldn’t believe it! OK i don’t want special treatment, but i have Autism! Don’t these professional just not get it!, i just felt like crawling into a small box, then at one stage i felt like screaming! i was in so much pain i couldn’t breathe, i thought GOD! have i don’t some internal damage to my organs!

An Hour and a half later……………………

A consultant came and introduced himself, a really nice Indian Doctor, he examined me and said, i think you could have a “Hematoma!”

By definition, a hematoma is a collection of blood outside the lungs or around the lungs . It occurs because the wall of a blood vessel wall has been damaged by impact, inside or outside of the lung, then the Doctor said it could be a collapsed lung.

Great i thought just what i need right now! then he said we will have an   X-ray on your ankle, so i then went to xray dept, had the test done then went back into the waiting room for another 40 mins of waiting! (more anxiety)

So the Doctor came back to me and said well you have cracked a rib, and you have a very small hairline fracture to your tibia bone, but because of the swelling. we best not plaster it, just put some ice packs on it and rest it, keep your leg up in the air so the swelling can come down.

so that’s my day today! ;o( in pain and going to bed now its just turned midnight on the 8th Jan 2009 great start to the new year!!!