Well this week its been, 130am, 2am, and today 230am allot of people with Autism have bad sleep patterns including me!! sometimes i wish i could go bed at a normal time, but my brain won’t switch off, i never had melatonin to make me go asleep, which allot of autistic children are given, but if i went to bed let’s say 11pm i won’t be able to sleep- hence i would just lie there!

Melatonin is one of neurohormones and is present in many species processing pineal gland. It plays important roles in controlling neuroendocrine functions including inducing sleep in human which is probably  the most important factor that makes it a “wonder drug” for at least the last two decades the American parents love this stuff for there children!

Reported melatonin side effects include headaches, nausea, depression, nightmares and vivid dreams, irritability, abdominal cramps and dizziness.

Since melatonin is a hormone, it can affect many internal body processes. Melatonin facts show that those with depression might experience worsening symptoms. Others at a higher risk of developing melatonin side effects are people with liver disease, seizure disorders and high blood pressure.