Kevin teams Up with USA Katrina (Kitty) McCaffery

i contacted kitty to see if she could help me raise awareness of my campaign on the other side of the world, and she as kindly offered to help, as she has family connections with Autism, kitty is going to help raise awareness of my campaign to get celb endorsements, to back my campaign, and also to raise awareness in the USA, and to try and get USA interviews TV & RADIO to spread the message About my global Autism Anti Bullying , so far in the UK my campaign as grown but we need more awareness in the USA ON AUTISM & BULLYING and other countries as well… if you are in another country and want to follow Kitty’s footsteps get in touch with Kevin Healey.

Founder merise Kitty McCaffery is a mother of four with two stepsons. Her husband helps mentor people who suffer from uncontrolled seizures after being diagnosed himself with having PNES seizures. Kitty is a Kings Kids teacher at her church. Kitty & her husband both come from homes where domestic violence took place often. Kitty regularly volunteers throughout her community. She prays for a day when no person or animal will have to suffer from acts of cruelty by another human being. or general questions mail to:



kittys organisation..

R.I.S.E. & STAND (hereinafter “Rise”) is a new, Christian based organization that has recently received a 501(c)3 nonprofit status. It is rapidly growing. Our goal is to raise awareness and educate about bullying, hate crimes, acts of violence, and animal cruelty. We support victims and stand by them until justice is served. What kind of work does R.I.S.E. & STAND do? We do a lot more than just raise awareness online and blog. Our team works hard every day so we want to share with you exactly what we do.